The traveler also needs a holiday

I associate holidays with the time spent by the sea in summer when I was a little girl. What brings me back to those days are the Mediterranean, calm and warm, the olive trees, eating peaches at the beach with salty hands and reading timelessly while sunbathing. My traveling lifestyle, living and working in different countries around the world, is anything but holidays. So, a traveler needs a break too. To make it successful it’s very important to choose carefully how and where to spend your time off, so that during this period you can renew your energy.

Last September I went on holiday to Corsica. One of the first things I realized was that
I had chosen the right holiday for me. In the first place the calm of the Mediterranean, the juicy peaches, the campings among the olive trees reminded me of those childhood vacations. This conveyed me the enthusiasm to explore this place. In the second place after a stressful summer, always among tourists what I needed was a holiday of places and activities with as less people as possible. So being with few intimates on an island that offers endless opportunities to hike, climb, swim and dive was what I needed. Also the outdoor-camping life helped me release that cumulated stress, in particular, it wasn’t the clock dictating the time but the rising and falling of the sun; I could read or just watch the sea as long as I wanted.

My beloved old car, the tent, the camp stove, the climbing gear and the swimming suit were the fundaments of the holiday. I had a lot of clothes too which it seems I cannot learn to leave at home, but why bother when you’re traveling by car? The automobile is also the reason why I allowed myself to bring some extras such as a snorkeling mask. I was glad I had it and could enjoy the stunning sea bottoms. I could even spot an eel!
The table and the chairs are a priceless supplement even though they are a lot bulkier than the mask.

Another thing I soon became aware of, was that this is a place one has to visit at least twice. There are so many little places, beaches and corners that it’s impossible to see and entirely appreciate everything in just twenty days. My fellows and I focused mainly on climbing and spending time by the sea. Still, there are over a hundred sites to climb all over the island and uncountable beaches. Not to mention that there are innumerable hiking opportunities in the inland and some other on the coast. From these latter you can reach some breathtaking beaches. No wonder I left with the desire to come back.

While I was there I realized I had been yearning for such a vacation. I felt accompanied by my childhood remembrances, I felt free to run into the sea laughing loud, I sensed the wind that awakes the cosmic energy. The kind of energy that the woman who masters it could save the world.

href=””>Galeria, Corsica.


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