How to deal with a capital city

Capital cities are always fascinating, but they’re also big and chaotic. Don’t you feel that you’re drawn to visit them but when you’re actually there you have no idea where to start from? Here are some tips for travelers with limited budget on what to do in many capital cities around the world .

1) What do Buenos Aires, New York and Tokyo have in common? A conventional city-tour on a sightseeing bus! As cliché as it sounds this is a perfect way to have a general idea of the place you’re visiting. This excursion always leads you through the most famous spots in the shortest time and it’s often a guided tour. Furthermore, when the weather is nice you can sit on the upper deck of the bus and take great pictures of the city. So don’t hesitate to hop on the city-tour bus, it’s a smart way to see the city. Try it in your hometown too, you will discover things you would never imagine.

2)Sometimes tourists go to museums when the weather is bad, but actually in the big cities there are some of the best exhibitions of the world. Whether you’re interested in science, history or art be aware of which museums you can find in the city you’re traveling to. Museums shouldn’t be second-best choices, they should be in our top five list of things to do. The last one I visited was Evita Peron’s museum in Buenos Aires and I was glad I spent two hours of my time there.

3) In your guide-book you will certainly find a wide section dedicated to the several restaurants but, unfortunately, you will need to choose just a few of them. However, make sure that during your stay you eat at least once in a foreign restaurant. Let us pretend you are in Berlin: a Turkish Kebab is a must in this city. Many people from all over the world move to metropolis and create their own community. They bring with them their culture and of course their cuisine which is, in facts, the original one. I noticed in the past years that sometimes in the capital cities you can find better international dishes than local plates.

4)Use public transport: it doesn’t take too long to understand how the bus or the subway systems work. But if you do not get it, you will be forced to ask and get in contact with locals which is also a very nice experience or you may get lost and end up in a neighborhood with a wonderful flea market which you wouldn’t  have visited otherwise.

These may sound obvious things to do while visiting a city but sometimes we try to avoid them because they are too “touristic” and we want to be different. But actually there are other negative aspects in the tourist business that have nothing to do with being a simple visitor with a camera and a map. Let us travel!

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires.

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires.


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