Leaving on a jet plane

It’s time for goodbyes. Again. During the past years I’ve learnt to leave. However, I’ll never get used to the emotional part of departing. It’s not just leaving places and people but it’s also closing a chapter of your life. Usually I start to prepare myself a couple of weeks before the departure’s day  so that I live the final part with awareness. I need to know when I eat for the last time that specific dish or when I go to that beloved place. Consciousness helps me to avoid overwhelming sudden emotions.

When I was a little girl I used to go to Switzerland about four times a year and I used to stay there up to three months. Every time that I had to leave Italy for Switzerland and vice versa I was so desperate as if I had to leave one of my parents for ever. Ever since each time I have to go it’s a big deal for me. However, paradoxically, I’m leaving all the time.

Now despite paying attention to what I leave behind or to memories, I focus on what I bring away with me. So when I pack I make sure I include all those small things of a place I want to have with me all the time. They aren’t necessarily objects, but for example new customs and ways of life. As a result my background is now made of usages from different parts of the world. I drive like a Swiss, I drink Argentine mate, I make Peruvian “Pagos a la Pachamama” (offers to the Mother Earth), I get angry like an Italian and play poker like an Australian.

Other aspects I like to take with me are the music and the literature of a spot. They’re, as a matter of fact, a huge insight of a country. Reading a book or listening to an album of a specific site makes me hear its sounds, see its colors and feel that sun, wherever I am.

A very important role is surely played by gastronomy: a dish and a drink are a country’s incomparable features. In facts, when you’re abroad you’re often asked to cook a typical plate from your homeland. Well, get the best recipes form the grandmothers around the world and reproduce them! My friend was able to recreate an authentic Peruvian “ceviche” in Norway with a fresh cod-fish.
Tasting the typical food of the places I miss always comforts me.

I’m leaving Cordoba, for the second time! My background luggage is almost ready. Writing this post and you reading it makes me deal better with this departure that awaits me.
We were fourteen when we used to play this track on a phonograph at a friend’s place.


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