Here and Now.


It’s always about the past and the future, about memories and plans isn’t it?

We spend quite a lot of time in organizing and scheduling, but when that planned moment arrives are we living it or are we already planning something else?
The past is also a safe shelter: happy memories comfort us while sometimes sad recollections give us an excuse to feel sadness in the present moment. Why is it so difficult to get absorbed by the here and now? And why would it be better?

The present is the only thing we really have. It’s the only thing 100% sure. It’s here, alive, palpable, you can step in and mold it. I think it’s worth devoting body and mind completely to current actions and thoughts. It often happens that we’re doing something with your body but our mind is elsewhere. We’re not committing totally to what we’re doing. However, even the simplest thing deserves concentration. Doing many things without intensity is cursory. While fewer acts done with devotion and concentration is fulfilling. However, one thing is being aware of it another is putting it into practice.

Have you ever heard about the Chinese book I Ching? It is probably the oldest book on earth and it is considered an oracle by some. You can ask a question or express a doubt and the book gives you an answer. There are many ways to pose the questions, one is with three coins. After throwing the coins for 6 times you obtain two trigraphs. At the end of the book there is a chart and you need to refer to it to look for your answer. After reading it you can give your own interpretation and adapt it to your circumstances. I would like to share here a paraphrased excerpt of my personal answer that I think is apt to this post. It said that semi depth is as bad as superficiality. One you should always go to the roots. The answer is fittingly identified with the image of a well. This is what I mean by live the present moment: commit all your body and mind in what you’re doing, go to the essence. This will result in a profound knowledge and in a better understanding of matters.

The present is our priority, past and future are secondary.


3 thoughts on “Here and Now.

  1. Anche noi qui a Shadwell abbiamo quel libro, l’Oracolo lo chiamiamo, e lo interroghiamo molto spesso. Che bello saperti a Cordoba a fare lo stesso…

  2. To be or not to be, that is not always the question! In the end the point is not to decide but let intuition make the choice. Which is not the same as let others make the choice in one’s place. In order to do that the “here and now” is essential. To be in the deepest depth of the well… How to get there is the question. Getting there is the quest…
    Enjoyed reading

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