The turning point rock

The one in the middle is the turning point rock. Its shadow is the fear.

The one in the middle is the turning point rock. Its shadow is the fear.

I suppose everyone experiences turning points in his life. Some are obvious and explicit but some are hidden and sometimes one never realizes that it was actually a revolutionary moment. Mine was represented by a falling rock, just to make sure I would notice it!

I was going through a complicated phase of my life, I had lost the enthusiasm and optimism that characterize me so much but I was not completely aware of it. It was one of the few sunny days in the extremely rainy Norwegian summer of 2011 and I went hiking with some friends. My rock was there among uncountable stones waiting for me. The way was already going downwards when I stepped on it twice causing its fall.

I am still not sure if it was self-control or merely destiny that saved me from this huge rock rolling down from the mountain. I literally escaped it running down but at one point it caught my right foot which remained under it. In that moment I panicked. How someone else achieved to remove it is another story. As a result I broke four bones in my foot.

During the recovery time many aspects of my life changed. I became different because of the fear I was left with. Even though fear is an obscure feeling it makes me react and it challenges me all the time.

This episode scares me and fascinates at the same time. It became a big metaphor of my life and I still dream about rocks falling down.

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5 thoughts on “The turning point rock

  1. jè. la roccia è davvero una cosa strana, o la ami o la odi,… non ci sono storie. pensa ,,,, giornata stupenda esci con gli amici con il pensiero di spaccarla, di dominarla, .. arrivi in macchina o a piedi, di fronte alla tua roccia. E’ un muro di pietra, insormontabile, proprio difficile .. ma la guardi,inizi a studiarla… vedi delle gocce che escono da qualche crepa nera piena di muschio… inizi a pensare “questo è il punto di inizio, infilo due dita in questa determinata fessura…. è bagnata….. aspetto altri 2 minuti, affondo le dita nel megnesio in polvere. poi inarco la gamba destra, metto la punta del piede in una fessura.. Adesso scarico tutto il peso su una sola gamba, e senza pensarci inarco il mio corpo, formo una specie di “X” con le gambe, e ad un tratto lancio verso l’alto un arto, mi sciolgo in mezzo alla roccia e prendo una nuova forma.. Punto sempre più in alto, l’altezza è il traguardo.

  2. Would love to hear how you dealt with this later on? Or your thoughts during recovery. Seems kind of like a freak accident, but crazy things happen in the mountains all the time.

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