Believe & Act

The view from my grandparents' mountain house in Sfruz.

The view from my grandparents’ mountain house in Sfruz.

This is a warm welcome to everyone.

What I want to do here with all (at least many) of you is to share and learn travel and life experiences. Travel here is a means to live.

So let’s get together and create!


5 thoughts on “Believe & Act

  1. Donde realidad y emoción se convierten y se confunden en una sensación unica regalando al espíritu paz, tranquilidad y esperanza.

    Enhorabuena y que el suceso siempre te acompañe por tu camino.

  2. Sfruz, quanti ricordi. Uno dei migliori “Buongiorno” che una persona possa ricevere.

    Curiosa di ogni tua avventura.

    Confio en ti

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